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Mathtrain.TV: Episode 73, Billy Billy’s Mathtrain in Edusim

Monday, August 30th, 2010

“Billy Billy” helped create this video using the free application, Edusim.  She made it in December 2007.

Check out Edusim and try it out in the classroom or at home.

Edusim is a “3D multi-user virtual world platform and authoring toolkit intended for your classroom interactive whiteboard (but equally powerful on the students laptop or desktop computers !).”


Our Kids Featured in Article!

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Thank to for posting a nice article about our student videos on Mathtrain.TV!  Former students “Bob”, “Paul” and “Billy Billy” are interviewed and there is even a photo of them.

or go to .

Mathtrain Students in

Mathtrain Students featured on

November Learning Podcasts with Mathtrain

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

We were interviewed by Alan November (of November Learning).  Recently, the interview was released as a two-part podcast. You can click below to visit the November Learning pages to listen to the podcasts.

NL PodcastOr, listen on the November Learning’s iTunes Podcast.

Thanks to students “Bob”, “Billy Billy”, “Jerry” and “Paul”! And thanks to Brian Mull, of November Learning.  We are so excited about this!  :)

Alan November interviews us:

Talking Student Tutorials with Eric Marcos – Part 1 of 2

Talking Student Tutorials with Eric Marcos – Part 2 of 2

Mathtrain.TV: Episode 72, Circumference w/ Bob

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

“Bob” shows us how to find the circumference of a circle.

View Mathtrain Podcast in iTunes.