Dial2Do – another free voice to text!

I’m trying out this new service called, Dial2Do.  It’s like Jott and Reqall.  But it is all free for now, at least.

You call a number, speak your message, and it gets transcribed for you and sent out to where you requested it to go.  The recipient gets a transcribed message, along with a link to the actually voice message in case they need to listen to it due to a faulty transcribe or something.

You can e-mail people via your voice, send a text or even add to your Google Calendar.  There are other things you can do too, like post to Twitter and WordPress and much more

When you call Dial2Do, a female voice asks what you want done.  This female voice is not as smooth and grand as Jott’s is.  Jott has a much better female voice greeter.  But Jott costs money!

So far, the transcribing has been quick (minutes) and accurate.  Although, it did spell my last name as “Marcus” instead of “Marcos”.  But you can also spell out words for it if you want.

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